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How MSA EXAMPLE can help!
Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA)
  • Protect Your Future
  • Eliminate Uncertainty
  • Get Closure & move on with Your Life
  • There are many aspects to divorce.  Emotional; financial; legal.  Logic flies out the window, as individuals are blinded by emotion.  If you are ready to move on, this Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) may help speed things along in a positive way!

    When final agreement is reached on all issues, the MSA is prepared, reviewed, and finally, signed by both spouses. An MSA that conforms to the requirements of law forms an enforceable contract. In California family law, the expressed intention of the spouses in the MSA can be important, or even determinative, of whether any post-judgment motion to amend a portion of the judgment will be considered by the court. Thus, by their wording of the MSA, the spouses can get finality, or flexibility to take account of unforeseeable circumstances, as they desire. An MSA agreement that is carefully worded is unlikely to result in post-judgment disagreement and litigation.

    My goal is to help people through a difficult time in their lives.  Under some circumstances, attorneys only add to the level of stress and frustration experienced.  I share my lessons learned after many years of not only arguing issues with my spouse, but almost as many with my attorneys, in order to protect my interests.  All documents are NOT the same, and the old saying “The devil is in the details” certainly applies to marital settlement agreements.  Most parties want closure, and to eliminate looming uncertainty or open, unresolved issues.  This document can make a difference in peoples’ lives.

  • Advance Directly to Your Goal
  • Save Time & Money
  • Provide Flexibility for the Future
  • Attorneys don’t necessarily have your best interest at heart. They have their own agendas, such as advancement in the firm, social clubs, their position in society, politics, relations with other attorneys, running their office and staff, etc. Also, they become sick of arguing enduring cases, and don’t care or remember the details of your case. They become tired of difficult cases and won’t advance your ideas or agenda. They push for compromise at any cost, and know there is wealth in the number of clients and cases they take on, even if they can not adequately research and argue them all. You are at their mercy, and they take every opportunity to treat you accordingly.

    Lawyers don’t care if the division of community assets is equal, or that your future is protected. They charge by the hour, and get paid no matter what the outcome. The more disputes, or lack of knowledge, the more hours they work and money they make. You can pay a lawyer thousands and still not get as much information and protection as is available in what I am offering to you here and now.

    I will sell you a copy of my Marital Settlement Agreement. I have paid more than $40K over 5 years of litigation, using 2 attorneys, to get to the drafting of this MSA. This is not a self help book. This is an actual MSA, to settle my divorce in California. MOST aspects have been covered. Use this MSA as a template, model, or example to see what should be included in your MSA. You can edit this MSA to meet your specific needs, divide your assets, protect your future, and create your own MSA to be presented for signature and entered along with your Judgment. Don’t overlook, or forget anything that could haunt you later, by not being prepared now. This MSA is NOT legal advice. This is a copy of my MSA, only with the names, personal information, case number and account information changed.

    Cut to the chase, and advance directly to the goal. Save untold dollars of attorney’s billed hours. At only $89.00 this is the best money you will ever spend. EVER! Consider that $89.00 won’t even buy much more than twenty minutes of most attorneys’ time. I will gladly refund your money if you find this document does not meet your expectations. You can’t lose!